Women In Music 2014: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Billboard’s Women In Music?

Women In Music is an annual report in Billboard’s Power Players series in our magazine and billboard.biz, as well as an invitation-only event to honor the top women of the year, as selected by Billboard.  It recognizes women executives who drive our business forward with their artistic and business vision.

How will Billboard choose from among the nominees?

Billboard editors will choose among the nominees by considering the achievement of each nominee during the past 12 months, with an emphasis on how that achievement can be best measured. (Examples: revenue or market share, new business generated, etc.). We also will consider how they have shown leadership in the broader industry.

Executives must be nominated as individuals, not as members of a team.

What industry sectors are eligible?

Nominees may come from any industry sector involved in the music business. Women who make their living primarily as artists and/or songwriters are not eligible unless they own their recordings or songs and act in a business or executive capacity to market them.

May I nominate myself?

Yes.  But you also may nominate a senior executive or peer at another company.

What happens after I submit a nomination?

Billboard editors will conduct an extensive review of the nominations received in the weeks after the nominations close. Chosen nominees will be contacted prior to the publication of the Women In Music report in late fall.

Watch the pages of Billboard for the confirmed publication date.

If I have additional questions, whom do I contact?

Send additional queries to Thom Duffy, Billboard special features editor, at Thomas.Duffy@billboard.com.