Kobalt Launches YouTube Matching Tool ProKlaim, Boasts 1bn Processed Streams Per Month

With YouTube royalty revenue on the upswing, music publishers and labels are getting more proactive in making sure they get their share of payments.

In the latest move, Kobalt Music Group has launched ProKlaim, which it says incorporates advanced detection technology that has significantly increased revenues collected on behalf of its clients by identifying and claiming its copyright being deployed in user-generated videos. The company says it has matched over 50 million videos to date and over 1 billion Youtube streams per month. 

The company claims it delivers daily its entire song catalog with updated, high-quality, metadata that enables much faster and more efficient content matching and reporting. Moreover, Kobalt has its own proprietary technology that enables automated text search, which can find user generated videos falling outside the Youtube content ID system. 

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As a result, Kobalt founder and CEO Willard Ahdritz estimates that the company captures and claims 95% of the user-generated videos using Kobalt content.

“One hit song can generate up to 50,000 user-generated videos, many of which remain unclaimed by its proper rights owners,” Ahdritz said in a statement. “With the launch of ProKlaim, we are seeing a phenomenal increase in the speed and accuracy in which we find and claim missing content. Kobalt is now processing over 1 billion streams per month and this is only the beginning.”

Moreover, he says Kobalt is tagging an incremental 1 million to 1.5 million videos a month beyond what the YouTube system can locate and tag using its matching tools that are enhanced by Kobalt's daily data feeds.

“We love seeing how Kobalt Music Group is using our tools to help artists find even greater successes on YouTube,” YouTube Americas head of music publisher partnerships Scott Sellwood said in a statement.

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"Its still early days, but since integrating our technology into the Youtube system our approach is adding millions of dollars annually in payments to Kobalt clients, and at least a half million to a million dollars annually in the U.S. market alone, " Ahdritz says.

Source say that the YouTube matching tools system itself is generally able to locate and assign rights to at least 60% of the user generated videos. But since it doesn't match all user-generated videos content to rights owners, music publishers and labels have become proactive in this area before Kobalt made its latest announcement.

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The Universal Music Publishing Group was a pioneer in this effort, scrubbing its data and assigning a four person staff --which has since grown to six employees -- to use YouTube tools for manually searching the site for user-generated videos containing songs from its catalog.