Executive Playlist: The Definitive Emo Post-Hardcore Playlist by Sony/Legacy's Tom Mullen

Tom Mullen, director, digital marketing at Legacy Recordings/Sony Music, has taken the Executive Playlist to a whole other level--albeit a completist Emo level. Here, with 312 songs spanning 19 hours and 43 minutes of angsty melodicism ranging from Texas is the Reason to Taking Back Sunday to Pinback and beyond, this intense compilation culled from his WashedUpEmo.com blog will leave you exhilarated and perhaps by its end emotionally spent. 

Mullen handles digital marketing at Legacy Recordings / Sony Music.  Artists he currently works with include Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Cyndi Lauper, Willie Nelson and Nas. Previously, Tom worked at EMI Music in the digital department, was product manager/marketing at indies Vagrant Records and Equal Vision Records, digital marketing at Cornerstone/The Fader and started out at TVT Records in the radio department. Here's his explanation of his playlist.

"10 p.m.-2 a.m. of every day is dedicated to the late 1990s. Since 2007, I’ve run a site called WashedUpEmo.com where I write about old and new school emo/post-hardcore bands. About three years ago, I started a podcast interviewing the legends of the scene and have since met most of my musical heroes including Jimmy Eat World, Mineral and Christie Front Drive. Around the same time, a few friends of ours started a DJ night in NYC where we play the hits from the 90s/early 2000s every first Thursday of the month. Through all of that discussion and interactions with bands and fans, it was only natural to get a definitive list.  The playlist, which was started soon after Spotify launched, is a deep dive into the genre from all angles.  In the last year, I’ve done curation for Pandora Radio for this genre and most recently compiled multiple emo playlists as a freelancer for Beats Music's recent launch. If you ever wanted to know about the late 90s scene before your life at concerts involved selfies and scrolling through Instagram, this is your playlist."