The Billboard Cover Story - Enrique Iglesias: How He Sells Sex

For a guy who named his 10th album "Sex and Love," Iglesias has built a career that never fails to deliver on the former. From his steamy videos featuring actresses like Shannon Elizabeth ("Be With You") and Jennifer Love Hewitt ("Hero") to his more recent offerings (and song titles), the topic is always on the agenda when it comes to the artist


"Sad Eyes" (2000): A video so steamy, it was never officially released. Iglesias, clad mostly in a towel in this banned four-minute clip, pines for a phone-sex operator (played by adult-film actress Cassidey Rae), and at one point appears to touch himself. Try YouTube-ing this one, if Iglesias himself hasn't taken it down already.

"Tonight (I'm F-in' You)" (2010, featuring Ludacris): Edited to "Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)" for radio, "Tonight" nevertheless helped go down in lurid Billboard Hot 100 history in 2011 when it was one of three songs to feature the F-word in the top of the chart (joined by Pink's "F-in' Perfect" and Cee Lo Green's "F- You").

"Dirty Dancer" (2011, featuring Usher and Lil Wayne): Iglesias and Usher get a (virtual) private show in this risque, strip-club-inspired clip. "I read some of these video treatments, and they're hilarious -- a lot of the times the word 'sexy' doesn't show up," says Iglesias of "Dirty Dancer," which has a surprise, almost satirical ending.

"I'm a Freak" (2014, featuring Pitbull): There's sex appeal aplenty in this raunchy clip, which suggests a straight male's idea of a bachelorette party (think lots of girls trying on lingerie and doing shots). But Iglesias remains coy on the content. "It depends on what you call sexy," he says. "I'm out there to make good videos, whether they're romantic or sexual or just fun."

"Sex and Love" (2014): "I hate photo shoots," says Iglesias, who indeed is rarely seen without a hat unless he's on-camera. The photo on the cover of his new album "was the last shot of the day. My stylist showed me a picture and I was inspired by that, so I said, 'We should try this,' and they called in a girl to use her hands and legs."