The Jam's Paul Weller Wins Photo Case Against Daily Mail (Report)

Paul Weller

Paul Weller, former frontman and guitarist for The Jam, has won £10,000 in a case brought against the Daily Mail's parent company Associated Newspapers for publishing photos of his children, the BBC has reported.

The photos, published in October 2012, depicted Paul Weller, wife Hannah Weller and their twin boys on the street in Los Angeles. The Wellers' lawyer argued that publishing the photos were a "blatant impediment to the natural social progress of children."

"They can't publish photos of our children's faces again without consent. This is what we wanted. They are not sorry," wrote Hannah Weller on Twitter.

Associated Newspapers countered: "The suggestion that children have an expectation of privacy in relation to publication by the media of images of their faces when one child (now nearly 18) has modelled for Teen Vogue, images of the babies' naked bottoms have been tweeted by their mother, and their father has discussed the children in promotional interviews is a worrying development in our law, as it has conferred unfettered image rights on all the children."

Associated Newspapers worries that the ruling is overly broad with relation to digital publishing on its international websites as well as social networking sites, where pictures of children are common.

As the company pointed out, the publication of the photos would have been legal in the United States.