Wall Street Titans & Their Warbling Daughters

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These four daughters of Wall Street honchos have singing careers in sight

The daughters of some of the most prominent financial executives are making music instead of money, from a hedge fund billionaire's daughter with four albums under her belt to Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman's daughter Caroline, a 17-year-old student at New York's exclusive Spence school who's pounding the pavement to land a record deal herself. "One thing about Caroline, she's entirely self-motivated," says the elder Gorman. Whether or not this is tomorrow's crop of rising pop stars, these four young women certainly aren't following in their fathers' footsteps.


The daughter: Caroline D'Arcy Gorman, 17, high school senior

The dad: Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman (reported 2013 compensation: $9.75 million)

The music: "We're definitely looking for a label to take us on," says Caroline of her band Madness & The Film, which is made up of herself and 32-year-old British singer-songwriter David Breeze. The pair put out an EP, "Scrapbook," last spring and recently recorded new music in Los Angeles. "By virtue of [my father's] job I've gotten a little bit of attention," she says of her foray into music, but adds: "He really wanted me to do it on my own."

The daughter: Tess Druckenmiller, 20, student at Brown University

The dad: Hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller (net worth: $3.1 billion)

The music: Tess signed a distribution deal last summer with Bob Frank's Red River Entertainment. Her debut album, "Storyteller," which has a cool folk sound, arrived last August and was reissued March 11 with a new single, "Black & White." She has performed at The Bitter End in New York, Boston's Berklee Performance Center and The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville.

The daughter: Caroline Jones, 23

The dad: Hedge fund manager and Robin Hood Foundation founder Paul Tudor Jones (net worth: $4.3 billion)

The music: Perhaps the most seasoned of the group, she has released four albums of polished Americana -- her most recent, "The Heart Is Smart," came out in 2012. She's also shared bills with James Taylor, Paul Simon, Dave Matthews and Patti Smith. A regular live performer, Caroline did a recent show at New York's Cafe Carlyle in February.

The daughter: Emma Lasry, 21

The dad: Avenue Capital co-founder Marc Lasry (net worth: $1.7 billion)

The music: When Emma posted a choreographed video of her high-energy pop song "Closet Bitch" on the Internet in 2010, she racked up 20,000 views in a day -- and dozens of hostile comments. Many focused on her wealthy background. "I didn't realize people could be that vicious," her father told "New York" magazine at the time. The video, which featured a cameo by Khloe Kardashian, has disappeared from the Internet. Emma hasn't released any music since.