Justin Bieber, Lena Dunham, Jimmy Fallon Among Shorty Awards Finalists

Lena Dunham, Justin Bieber, and Jimmy Fallon are among the nominees for this year's Shorty Awards.

Finalists for the 6th annual Shorty Awards were announced Monday, highlighting the best content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and the rest of the social media landscape.

Among the top short-form content producers in Hollywood over the past year are Lady Gaga, Aaron Paul, Justin Bieber, Lena Dunham, Patton Oswalt, Questlove and One Direction.

Beyond the celebrity user categories, other Tinseltown-related finalists include the "Veronica Mars" movie for top Kickstarter project, Amy Poehler's "Smart Girls at the Party" for best Tumblr, and Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" for top web series. TV shows with noteworthy social content for the year include "Orphan Black," "Scandal," "Pretty Little Liars" and "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," among others.

"Social media may be growing up, but it's still in its adolescence -- the landscape has changed tremendously even in the past year," Greg Galant, Shorty Awards co-founder and executive producer, tells The Hollywood Reporter, as new categories for Vine and Instagram video have been added. "Anyone can become a creator and make a name for themselves by making short-form entertainment . . . Right now, someone is out there who will become a celebrity next year by creatively using a technology none of us have heard of yet."

Founded and produced by Sawhorse Media, the Shorty Awards will be held on Apr. 7 at the New York Times Center, and will be available via live stream at ShortyAwards.com. Finalists in each category -- recognizing content for sports, journalism, fashion, humor and more -- are determined by a nominating board of journalists, as well as tweeted nominations from social media users. Sawhorse is also responsible for Muck Rack, an online platform for PR professionals that tracks how journalists cover trending news topics on social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+.

Last year's Shorty Awards honored Jimmy Kimmel with a Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama with a special #GIFStar award for that have helped bring awareness to her Let’s Move! campaign to fight childhood obesity. "The Daily Show," "Pretty Little Liars," "Watch What Happens Live," Nike, Maybelline and Birchbox were also among 2013's winners.

See below for the full list of Shorty Awards finalists:



Aaron Paul, @aaronpaul_8
Joshua Malina
, @JoshMalina
Orlando Jones
, @TheOrlandoJones
Arthur Aguiar
, @Aguiarthur
Shahrukh Khan
, @iamsrk
Misha Collins
, @mishacollins
Dylan O'Brien
, @dylanobrien


Felicia Day, @feliciaday
Lena Dunham
, @lenadunham
, @unfoRETTAble
Lua Blanco
, @Lua_Blanco
Sophia Abrahão
, @sophiaabrahao
Chloë Grace Moretz
, @ChloeGMoretz
Miranda Cosgrove
, @MirandaCosgrove


Fifth Harmony, @FifthHarmony
One Direction
, @onedirection
Big Time Rush, @bigtimerush
The Script
, @thescript
Tokio Hotel
, @tokiohotel
5 Seconds of Summer
, @5SOS
, @EmblemThree


Aaron Paul, @aaronpaul_8
Ian McKellen
, @IanMcKellen
LeVar Burton, @levarburton
Justin Bieber
, @justinbieber
Sophia Abrahão
, @sophiaabrahao
Lua Blanco
, @Lua_Blanco
Demi Lovato
, @ddlovato


Albert Brooks, @AlbertBrooks
Julie Klausner
, @julieklausner
Patton Oswalt
, @pattonoswalt
, @janoskians
, @VernNotice
Tata Werneck
, @Tatawerneck
Jake Paul
, @JakePaul19


Edgar Wright, @edgarwright
Paul Feig
, @paulfeig
Rian Johnson
, @rianjohnson
Alfredo Flores
, @AlfredoFlores
Dean Sherwood
, @DeanSherwood
Sham Idrees
, @Shamidrees
Jonah Green
, @JonahGreen


Fake AP Stylebook, @FakeAPStylebook
, @KimKierkegaard
Modern Seinfeld
, @SeinfeldToday
La Dra
, @iauraB
Eike Batista
, @EikeBatiiista
Not Dany Heatley
, @DanyAllStar15
, @UgglyZorra


News for TV Majors, @N4TVM
, @pottermore
Supernatural Wiki
, @SuperWiki
HK News
, @HechossKidrauhl
Niall Horan Spanish
, @NiallSpanish
Justin Bieber News
, @TeamLatinJustin
1D Family


Amanda Palmer, @amandapalmer
, @questlove
Yoko Ono
, @yokoono
Emine Music
, @EmineMusic
Justin Bieber
, @justinbieber
Sophia Abrahão
, @sophiaabrahao
Lua Blanco
, @Lua_Blanco


Cancellation Bear, @TheCancelBear
Cute Emergency
, @CuteEmergency
Self Aware ROOMBA
, @SelfAwareROOMBA
Moça Complicada
, @DoceComplicada
, @SarcasticRover
Tony The Tiger
, @TonyTiger2000
Lego Loki
, @Lego_loki


Ben Folds, @BenFolds
Josh Groban
, @joshgroban
, @questlove
Kellin Quinn
, @Kellinquinn
Justin Bieber
, @justinbieber
Sophia Abrahão, @sophiaabrahao
Lua Blanco
, @Lua_Blanco


Fallon Tonight, @FallonTonight
Orphan Black
, @OrphanBlack
, @ScandalABC
Programa da Babalu
, @ProgramaBabalu
Pretty Little Liars, @ABCFpll
Teen Wolf
, @MTVteenwolf
Big Time Rush, @bigtimerush



Billie Jean King, @BillieJeanKing
Brandon McCarthy
, @BMcCarthy32
Tom Daley
, @TomDaley1994
Álvaro Morata
, @AlvaroMorata
, @NatbyNature
Cristiano Ronaldo
, @Cristiano
Jeff Gordon
, @JeffGordonWeb


David Lebovitz, @davidlebovitz
, @Food52
J. Kenji López-Alt
, @TheFoodLab
, @sortedfood
Otávio Albuquerque
, @taviao
Jamie Oliver
, @jamieoliver
Rebecca Subbiah
, @chowandchatter

Muck Rack's #Journalist

Ben Swann, @BenSwann_
Tim Pool
, @Timcast
Jake Adelstein
, @jakeadelstein
Sarah Jones Reports
, @SarahJReports
Steve Herman
, @W7VOA
Cher Calvin
, @chercalvin
Anna Therese Day
, @AnnaOfArabia

Kickstarter of the Year

Everyone's Got A Story EP
"Button Eyes" - A Short Music Film starring Alexander Vlahos
The Phoenix Project - City of Titans
The Veronica Mars Movie Project
Big Giant Circles - "The Glory Days" (Impostor Nostalgia 2)
Craig the Genie - Pilot Episode

Newsworthy Photo of the Year

Pope Francis Introduction by Roberto Luigi
Selfie With Pope Francis
 by Fabio M. Ragona
Bomb at the Boston Marathon
 by Tyler Wakstein
At Mass for immigrant justice protest of closures
 by Charles Fox
Taskim square during the Gezi protests
 by Jenna Pope
Seats for detainees in packed room by Palina Prasasouk
A march down Istiklal St in Istanbul by Jenna Pope


Gretchen Reynolds, @GretchenReynold
Leslie Barker Garcia
, @ohlesliebarker
Tyler Graham
, @_Tyler_Graham_
Eva Andressa , @eva_andressa
The Mighty Jerd
, @TheMightyJerd
Leonardo Schulz
, @LeoSchulzWOW
DDP Yoga
, @DDPYoga


Los Angeles Dodgers, @Dodgers
New York Mets
, @Mets
San Diego Chargers
, @chargers
New Orleans Saints, @Saints
New England Patriots
, @Patriots
Rebellion Racing
, @RebellionRacing
Aston Martin Racing
, @AMR_Official


Matt Watson, @biorhythmist
, @darth
The Iron Sheik
, @the_ironsheik
, @MattG124
Ray Ligaya
, @RayLigaya
Buck Wolf
, @wolfb
Sexy Horse Apocalyps, @famoushorse



Around The Way App, @atwapp
, @digg
Magic Recs
, @MagicRecs
Shots, @shots
Viva Ronaldo
, @VivaRonaldo
, @sitechsuede
Dean Johnson, @activrightbrain

Barnes & Noble College's #BNCollege

University of Houston, @UHouston
Binghamton University
, @binghamtonu
B&N at Texas Tech
, @BNTexasTech
Boston University's College of Communication, @comugrad
Illinois State
, @IllinoisStateU
Rowan University, @RowanUniversity
WVU Mountaineers
, @WestVirginiaU


Emily Willingham, @ejwillingham
Maryn McKenna, @marynmck
Terrance Gaines
, @BrothaTech
Sophia Abrahão
, @sophiaabrahao
Edney Cunha
, @EdneyCunha
Limon Tec
, @LimonTec
Natalia Cardoso
, @nahcardoso

Cox BLUE's #BusinessInfluencer

Gemma Godfrey, @GCGodfrey
Marsha Collier
, @MarshaCollier
Lolly Daskal
, @LollyDaskal
Renee Blodgett , @MagicSauceMedia
Guy Kawasaki, @GuyKawasaki
Ted Coine
, @tedcoine
Scott Levy
, @FuelOnline


Chelsea Stark, @chelseabot
The Escapist
, @TheEscapistMag
, @Polygon
, @UberHaxorNova
, @Vilhennaa_
San In Play
, @DjSan_
, @JeromeASF


Becky Stern, @bekathwia
, @DIY
Adafruit Industries, @adafruit
Ricardo Santiago
, @RikEditor
Noob Dubi
, @noobdubi
, @vanessariadi
, @Net_Pork


This American Life, @ThisAmerLife
Night Vale podcast
, @NightValeRadio
Radiolab, @Radiolab
Jovem Nerd
, @jovemnerd
Baker St Babes, @BakerStBabes
Elon James White
, @elonjames
Steve Black Jr., @draggingalake


Black Girls Code, @BlackGirlsCode
, @IFLScience
Neil deGrasse Tyson
, @neiltyson
Atila Iamarino
, @oatila
Real Scientists, @realscientists
Nerdologia, @Nerdologia


The Brooklyn Circus, @TheBKcircus
The Hay Merchant
, @HayMerchant
She's the First
, @shesthefirst
Diamond Candles
, @diamondcandles
804 Street Media, @804StreetMedia
Jay Philips
, @jayphilips
Valued Merchants
, @ValuedMerchants

Tumblr of the Year

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls at the Party
Quantified Breakup
The Worst Room
Pizza Queen


Comedians in Cars Getting CoffeeSeinfeld, @JerrySeinfeld
Derek Muller
, @veritasium
Henry Reich
, @minutephysics
, @BryanStars
KEEMSTAR #DramaAlert
Close Friends WS
, @CloseFriendsWS
Christian Figueiredo
, @Christian_fig



Artsy, @artsy
Molly Crabapple
, @mollycrabapple
Rachel Ryle
, @rachelryle
Gerard Way, @gerardway
, @GoldSolace
Lady Gaga
, @ladyGaga
Egi Pranajaya, @ohohegy


Anne Lamott, @ANNELAMOTT
Margaret E. Atwood
, @MargaretAtwood
Neil Gaiman
, @neilhimself
Anna Renee
, @imaginator1dx
Mel Fronckowiak
, @melfronckowiak
Estelle M
, @estxlle
Doeneseya Bates
, @doeneseya


Bill Cunningham, @BCNYthemovie
The Fashion Bomb
, @thefashionbomb
Man Repeller
, @ManRepeller
Sophia Abrahão
, @sophiaabrahao
Dani Bolina
, @Dbolina
Gabriela Rippi
 , @Gabrielarippi
Rangga Dewamoela S., @Rangga_Moela


Ann Friedman, @annfriedman
Timothy Burke
, @bubbaprog
Trent Nelson, @trenthead
, @MalikftSelena
, @WrasslorMonkey
, @Daniel_JessieJ
Ryan Holmes, @HelloRyanHolmes

GIF of the Year

Pizza Cat
Matrix Cat
Boston Blizzard Signing
Dancing Bane
SHO-RYU-KEN! - Wrestling With Text
Justin Timberlake nails Taylor Swift's surprised face

A&E's Instagram Video of the Year

Burberry's Slow-Motion Fashion Walk by Burberry
 by Livisala
Starbucks Drake Hands
 by DJ Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner
Recovery is now on iTunes get it now!
 by Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber's first Instagram video
 by Justin Bieber
I Look Good
 by Paul Zedrich
Justin Bieber's siblings by Justin Bieber


Sophia Abrahão, @sophiaabrahao
Justin Bieber, @justinbieber
Lua Blanco
, @Lua_Blanco
Dukk Deuce, @Dukk2
Gabriela Rippi
, @Gabrielarippi
, @Shoutouts
Fly, @flybr


J. Paul Getty Museum, @GettyMuseum
Museum Nerd
, @museumnerd
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
, @ybca
Muzeum Erotyzmu
, @muzeumerotyzmu
Horniman Museum, @HornimanMuseum
Royal Ontario Museum
, @ROMtoronto


David Guttenfelder, @dguttenfelder
Liz Eswein
, @newyorkcityliz
Pete Souza
, @petesouza
Adam Elmakias, @elmakias
Lucas Felix
, @soulucasfelix
Nance Larson, @NanceLarson
Dr. Frank Simon
, @silverstar22b


Chris Pirillo, @ChrisPirillo
Jullien Gordon
, @JullienGordon
Ryan Higa
, @TheRealRyanHiga
Matthew Lush
, @MatthewLush
Will Shepherd
, @shep689
, @whindersson
Shooter Hates You
, @ShooterHatesYou

Vine of the Year

That was a close one by Logan Paul
My Puddin' with, @hamillhimself
 by Tara Strong and Mark Hamill
Steve Gleason live-tweeting with his eyes during Saturday night's game
 by the New Orleans Saints
My reflection is cooler than me
 by Chad Jaxon Perez
Strata paper
 by Dylan Blau
 by P9 Official
Wanna Buy a Viner?
 by Nick Spears KC James and Arielle Vanderberg

Univision's #Vineographer

Cody Johns, @CodybJohns
Cupcake Dude
, @TheDudeBakes
, @pinot
Logan Paul, @LoganAPaul
Jake Paul
, @JakePaul19
Marcus Johns
, @marcusjohns
Carter Reynolds
, @Mr_Carterr


Harley Morenstein, @HarleyPlays
Jenna Marbles
, @Jenna_Marbles
Petty Rubble
, @KidFury
Cauê Moura
, @cauemoura
Emine Music
, @EmineMusic
Justin Bieber
, @justinbieber
, @TrueStoryASA



Brady Campaign, @bradybuzz
The Elders
, @TheElders
Smart Gun Laws
, @smartgunlaws
Bang yongguk, @BAP_Bangyongguk
Canal do Otário
, @CanalDoOtario
Milk Tyson, @MILKTYSON
Against Suicide, @AgainstSuicide


Charity Water, @charitywater
Nature Conservancy, @nature_org
Oxfam International
, @Oxfam
Random Acts
, @therandomactorg
BelieveTicketProject, @BelieveTickProj
Hilgos Foundation
, @IRememberBetter
IS Foundation
, @IS_Foundation


ESL Library, @ESLlibrary
Ron Clark Academy, @ronclarkacademy
, @StudyMode
Paulo Pirula, @Pirulla25
Official FIRST
, @FIRSTweets
Joey Feith
, @JoeyFeith
Quran Weekly
, @QuranWeekly


Cory Booker, @CoryBooker
David Cameron, @David_Cameron
NASA Goddard
, @NASAGoddard
Ridwan Kamil, @ridwankamil
Jesse Ventura
, @GovJVentura
Zach Crandell, @liblogic
City of Las Vegas
, @CityOfLasVegas


350 dot org, @350
Green For You
, @greenforyou
Sustainable Cities , @sustaincities
Michael Q Todd
, @mqtodd
Lady Gaga, @ladyGaga
Drew Chadwick
, @DrewChadwickE3
Aaron Carpenter
, @aaroncarpenter_



Midia NINJA, @MidiaNINJA
Porta dos Fundos
, @portadosfundos
Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, @KAKA
Cauê Moura
, @cauemoura
Lua Blanco
, @Lua_Blanco
Sophia Abrahão
, @sophiaabrahao
Bonde da Stronda


Caitlin Moran, @caitlinmoran
Empire of the Kop, @empireofthekop
Liverpool FC, @LFC
One Direction
, @onedirection
Ryan McHenry, @RyanWMcHenry
Little Mix
, @LittleMixOffic
Stats Britain
, @StatsBritain

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