Tim Wright, Bassist in Avante Garde Bands Pere Ubu and DNA, Dead

Tim Wright, performing "Blonde Red Head" with DNA in the New York art documentary "Downtown 81"

Tim Wright, founding bassist of influential Cleveland band Pere Ubu and a transformative force in pioneering no wave band DNA, died this past Sunday from unreleased causes. The Cleveland Plain Dealer broke the news earlier today.

Wright joined Pere Ubu in 1975, following the dissolution of Rocket from the Tombs, an innovative and early torchbearer of sonic aggression which was plagued by personality conflicts from its inception.

Following its formation, Pere Ubu stood out from the get-go; its first single, "Final Solution" (below), sounded more like the music that would be produced a decade later rather than the relatively straightforward punk being put out by The Dead Boys -- another band formed from the ashes of Rocket from the Tombs -- and other, punk-associated acts of the time.

Wright stayed with Ubu for three years before relocating to New York City and joining no wave progenitors DNA, formed by Arto Lindsay and Robin Crutchfield as an experiment in noise. Not long after its formation DNA was placed on a compilation, titled No New York, by Brian Eno, cementing its reputation as an important, if less well-known, punctuation mark in the history of art rock and New York's storied musical history.

(Historical footnote: Blonde Redhead, the well-known artrock band formed in New York in the mid-'90s, named themselves after a DNA song -- seen below in the documentary "Downtown 81". Meanwhile DNA had named themselves after a song by Mars, of of the three other bands featured on Eno's No New York. And rock history rolled along.)