Cortez Bryant & Gee Roberson, Co-CEOs of The Blueprint Group

Cortez Bryant & Gee Roberson?
Co-CEOs, The Blueprint Group?


The Blueprint Group, the management firm headed by co-CEOs Cortez Bryant, 34, and Gee Roberson, 39, is hotter than ever. Clients include Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, T.I., G-Eazy and ­producer/­rapper Hit-Boy. Past-year highlights include world tours by Minaj and Drake; branding ventures with Beats by Dr. Dre (for Minaj and Wayne); lucrative deals with Pepsi and Mountain Dew (for Minaj and Wayne, respectively); Minaj’s “American Idol” stint, her E! TV special and the launch of her Pink Friday fragrance; the arrival of Hit-Boy on Blueprint Records; and building up Wayne’s streetwear line Trukfit. ­Blueprint’s film/TV division also boasts T.I.’s VH1 reality series “The Family Hustle.” On tap: Wayne’s current tour, and for Minaj more branding ventures, a film role and a new album. And look for T.I. to reveal which label he’ll sign with for his next project. “We want Blueprint to help artists expand outside the music space,” Bryant says. “As they develop their own brands, they’re building equity and additional assets. If the music stops tomorrow, they’ll still have those outlets.” Roberson, who exited as Geffen chairman last year to head Blueprint Records, adds, “It means not being boxed in. We’re pushing the culture forward.”