Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Enters Rehab


Estranged Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler says he envisions a future with Aerosmith after he's treated in a rehabilitation facility for an addiction to prescription painkillers, according to a statement released by his management company.

10th Street Entertainment announced on Tuesday night that Tyler had entered rehab to deal with the addiction. In the statement, Tyler says that, "With the help of my family and team of medical professionals, I am taking responsibility for the management of my pain and am eager to be back on the stage and in the recording studio with my band mates Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford. I love Aerosmith; I love performing as the lead singer in Aerosmith. I am grateful for all of the support and love I am receiving and am committed to getting things taken care of."

Tyler also backed off of previous comments made in Britain about wanting to take two years to work on "Brand Tyler:" "I also wish to set the record straight and say that I have read reports of a rumored two year hiatus and want to be clear that this is completely false and I will enthusiastically be writing, recording and performing with Aerosmith as soon as things are handled."

The Aerosmith schism began in August, after Tyler fell from the stage at a concert in Sturgis, S.D., bringing a premature end to the group's summer tour with ZZ Top. Shortly after that, his bandmates staged what amounted to a media intervention with the singer, expressing anger over Tyler's desire to work on solo projects -- including an autobiography -- and his decision to take on separate management from the rest of the band. Drummer Joey Kramer told that Tyler was unresponsive to attempts to contact him, while guitarist Brad Whitford openly addressed rumors of Tyler's drug use, saying that his behavior "was becoming more erratic and unreasonable and that "this guy has a tremendous history of drug abuse, and you have to be suspicious that this is something that's probably going on with him. I have a feeling we might be looking at someone who's just really struggling very badly."

The Aerosmith camp has not commented on Tyler's announcement about entering rehab. Guitarist Joe Perry is currently focusing on his latest solo album, "Have Guitar, Will Travel," while Whitford is gearing up for an Experience Hendrix tour in March. Kramer is promoting his autobiography, "Hit Hard: A Story of Hitting Rock Bottom at the Top."

Tyler's last rehab stint was in 2008, when he again dealt with a painkiller addiction following foot surgery. He recently switched management companies signing on with 10th Street Entertainment, which represents Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Papa Roach and others. The rest of Aerosmith is with HK Management.

Dr. Brian McKeon, Tyler's treating physician at the New England Baptist Hospital and an orthopedics professor at Tufts School of Medicine, said in the statement that, "Over the past ten years, Steven Tyler has suffered orthopedic injuries and has been in severe chronic pain which will require further surgeries on his knees and feet. Managing and controlling his pain has been challenging and despite our use of alternative therapies and the creation of custom shoes built by a team of engineers from Timberland, Steven's pain has progressed. The balance between managing his pain and avoiding addiction is tenuous and difficult and his bravery in persevering through rigorous touring is admirable. As with many athletes, Steven put his performance first as he struggled with acute pain for years."

Tyler's daughter, actress Liv Tyler, also issued a statement saying that, "My family and I are in complete support of my dad's decision to seek treatment. He is a courageous man. We love him and are so proud that he is getting help to balance his pain management, not just for himself but for his family, friends and fans."

10th St.'s statement also asks for "the privacy and respect necessary for Steven to handle the issues before him."