SiriusXM Adds 2 Million Subscribers in 2012

Sirius XM Radio Adds 334,000 Subscribers in Third Quarter

Sirius XM Radio Adds 334,000 Subscribers in Third Quarter

SiriusXM added more subscribers to its satellite radio service last year than any U.S. on-demand service has gained to date.

The company announced Wednesday it added 2 million net subscriber additions and finished the year with 23.9 million subscribers. In addition, the company said it expected to meet or exceed all of its 2012 financial guidance.

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But the company expects subscriber growth to slow this year. Sirius XM expects to add 1.6 million self-pay net subscriber additions and approximately 1.4 million total net subscribers by the end of the year. The company forecasts revenue of $3.7 billion and $1.1 billion in adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.

Muve Music, the on-demand subscription service of mobile carrier Cricket Wireless, announced Tuesday it surpassed 1.1 million subscribers. Spotify announced last month it has one million subscribers in the U.S.

SiriusXM shares were down 0.6% in late trading while the Nasdaq was up 0.4%.