Altnet Takes Back Claims Against BigChampagne

Data-monitoring company did not infringe on technology.

Altnet, the commercial service distributed through KaZaA, says it has determined that peer-to-peer data-monitoring company BigChampagne did not infringe on its patented technology.

In early November, Altnet issued cease-and-desist notices to nine companies it claimed were using technology that violated Altnet's patent for its TrueNames software, which facilitates identification of files on large networks.

Altnet now says it is satisfied that BigChampagne did not use infringing technologies.

"After discussing the issue with BigChampagne and reviewing the facts they presented, Altnet apologizes to BigChampagne for any miscommunication or false impression created by Altnet's press release that BigChampagne was engaged in any wrongful conduct. Clearly, it was not," the company says in a statement.
Altnet is still investigating its claims against BayTSP, Cyveillance, Media Defender, Media Sentry, NetPD, Overpeer, Ranger Online and Vidius.