Yamaha To Open New York Artist Services Facility

Venue to support artists who use Yamaha instruments.

Yamaha Corporation of America will open Yamaha Artist Services, Inc. at 689 Fifth Avenue in New York City next month. The facility is dedicated to resident and visiting artists who use Yamaha pianos and band and orchestral instruments. One of three in the world, the facility will serve as a support venue for major artists and performing arts organizations in the form of a rehearsal and development studio.

The facility will feature a band and orchestral artist services custom shop, which will offer musicians customized modification and repair of their instrument, assisting Yamaha in development of the next generation of its instruments.

Yamaha Artist Services will also incorporate Yamaha's Active Field Control, a system for tuning a room's acoustics or simulating a performance venue for visiting artists' instrument evaluation or rehearsal. Yamaha's Disklavier piano and Silent Brass system will also be featured.