G4 Media, TechTV To Partner

Single network G4techTV to launch May 28.

Digital video game channel G4 Media will merge its signal with cable technology channel TechTV on May 28. The single network G4techTV will reach about 44 million homes nationwide -- a significant leap from G4's current penetration of 15 million homes. The news coincides with the May 10 announcement of Comcast Corporation (broadband network and G4 owner) completing its purchase of Tech TV.

During video game conference E3 Expo's "Partnering With the Movie, Music and TV Industries" workshop on May 12, G4 Media CEO Charles Hirschorn said that he expects the beefed-up channel to greatly leverage the gaming industry's content over an ancillary market.

"People can see your software on TV," he says. "The music industry took advantage of TV to produce more revenue. G4 can be the same thing. It's all about video games 24 hours a day. This is an opportunity for [game] producers. Those shows can then become DVDs themselves."

G4techTV will obtain content from outside studios in addition to in-house production.