CERTA Launches Ratings, Labeling Campaign

Lobbying group designates June as awareness month.

The Coalition of Entertainment Retail Trade Associations (CERTA) is hoping to turn retailers' attention to entertainment ratings and labeling systems by declaring that June will be "Entertainment Ratings & Labeling Awareness Month."

The recently formed CERTA -- which comprises the Digital Media Assn., the Interactive Entertainment Merchants Assn., the National Assn. of Recording Merchandisers, the National Assn. of Theatre Owners and the Video Software Dealers Assn. -- will be reminding all retailers and exhibitors to review their ratings and labeling programs and make sure their employees are complying.

In June, CERTA will also aim to ensure that written information about ratings systems is available to customers, and that posters about ratings systems are displayed prominently at retail.

A national public-relations campaign will be launched to raise awareness about ratings and labeling systems. Additionally, CERTA will make rating and labeling education materials available to retailers and exhibitors.

In a statement, the heads of the five CERTA groups say: "June is the perfect time to remind parents and employees of the importance of the systems, as children across the nation look forward to enjoying movies, music and video games during their summer vacations."