Ecast Jukeboxes To Carry IODA Content

Indie acts to be promoted with on-screen ads.

Ecast has inked a deal to distribute songs from Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA), a digital aggregator and distributor of independent-label content, through its Internet-enabled pay-for-play jukeboxes.

IODA plans to promote its artists on the Ecast jukebox network through on-screen ad spots. The ads are set to play automatically on the touch-screen monitors when the jukeboxes are left idle.

For the year ending March 1, 2004, Ecast says it logged more than 39 million plays on its broadband-enabled devices in U.S. restaurants, nightclubs and bars.

Artists represented by IODA-distributed labels include Billie Holiday, Blackalicious, Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker, Dismemberment Plan, Greg Kihn, Innocence Mission, Jah Wobble, John Lee Hooker, Kim Wilson, Mary Lou Lord, My Morning Jacket, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ornette Coleman, Preston School Of Industry, R.L. Burnside, Sun Ra, the Hives,the Ocean Blue, the Posies, the Wrens and Vendetta Red.