SoundExchange, PPL Forge Reciprocal Deals

U.S., U.K. societies to work together on royalties.

U.S. digital rights body SoundExchange and U.K. society Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL) have signed reciprocal agreements for their featured artists.

The agreements allow SoundExchange to collect and distribute PPL royalties to the U.S. artists that SoundExchange represents, and vice versa. SoundExchange will send one check to PPL for all digital royalties earned by artists represented by PPL and its partner societies.

SoundExchange has similar arrangements with SENA in the Netherlands and RAAP in Ireland. PPL has reciprocal deals with societies in Germany, Canada, Australia, France, Italy and elsewhere.

"These agreements are extremely significant as they mark the beginning of a partnership between two of the world's most dynamic music centers," says SoundExchange executive director John L. Simson. "So much of the world's repertoire comes from the United Kingdom and the United States, and it's important that we ensure that performers see the benefit when money is collected for the use of their works. This is especially true in America, where the performance right for featured and nonfeatured performers is still so new and developing. I am extremely hopeful that these deals will also educate our artists and labels about the need for a full performance right here in the United States and the significant loss of revenue we suffer from the lack of one."

Fran Nevrkla, chairman/CEO of PPL, comments, "This is a major deal for performers. PPL together with the performer organizations has now created a single pipeline for collecting overseas royalties, and we are delighted that SoundExchange has been quick to respond to this new initiative. After just a few weeks we now have agreements with the U.S. and Germany, two of the largest markets in the world. We look forward to concluding many more such agreements in the coming months. We shall be very pleased to work together with our American colleagues and others on issues of common interest for the benefit of the music industry as a whole."