Musicland Launches Auction Site

Showbidz targets frequent customers.

It's not eBay, but Replay and its 2 million members can start their bidding. Musicland Group, a leading specialty retailer of music and other entertainment products, is launching an auction site.

Called Showbidz, the site is available to members of the Musicland customer-loyalty program, Replay. Members can bid on concert tickets, backstage passes, meet-and-greet sessions and a host of other items, including autographed guitars and other limited-edition merchandise.

Members can bid on items using "Replay Showbidz bucks," which they earn from buying products from Sam Goody, Suncoast or Media Play retail stores or online sites.

Replay director Brian Miller says Showbidz is a means to strengthen and enhance relationships with Replay members, who visit Musicland stores twice as often as the average customer.

"eBay has shown us there is a wide interest on consumer side. It's a natural extension of how we can reward customers for something they are already doing with us," he says.

Miller expects the Replay member base to grow substantially in the coming year as Musicland rolls out additional member benefits.