Infinity Bows Broad-Based Marketing Plan For Labels

Infinity Broadcasting today (Sept. 8) unveiled a new marketing campaign for record labels at meetings in New York and Los Angeles.

Infinity Broadcasting today (Sept. 8) unveiled a new marketing campaign for record labels at meetings in New York and Los Angeles.

Dubbed "Infinity Street Date," the multi-platform initiative is intended to create awareness of new releases from marquee artists. Infinity chairman/CEO John Sykes compared "Street Date" to the way a movie studio orchestrates a Friday-night "last blast" before a major film's box opening. "It's not just shameless promotion," Sykes told labels at the New York gathering. "We get great programming, and you sell a lot of CDs."

Under the initiative, participating labels and Infinity would tailor the campaign to fit the individual artist, airing it on stations in the formats of the label's choosing. Infinity's 185 radio stations, clustered in the top 50 markets, have a cumulative audience of 71 million listeners.

"Street Date Live" encompasses five components. The first takes place the morning of an album's release, when the artist spends one or two hours at Infinity's New York studio, making short individual guest appearances on major-market morning shows around the country via ISDN lines.

A second facet, called "Sudden Impact," is a concentrated time-buy placed by the label, a music retailer or a third-party sponsor. The spots air once an hour from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., reminding listeners that they can purchase the album that day.

A third facet is a long-form program called "The Naked Truth" that airs the weekend before or after an album's release date. The one-hour show, patterned around VH1's "Behind the Music," includes interviews and music.

Another component would involve an "exclusive fantasy promotion" that goes beyond typical radio flyaways and meet-and-greets. For example, winners from each participating station would get a "private penthouse party" with Lenny Kravitz, including dinner cooked by his personal chef, an acoustic performance and tickets for his concert the next night.

There's also an online facet to the campaign. In addition to banner ads on all participating stations' Web sites, visitors would be able to stream the artists' episode of "The Naked Truth."

To illustrate the potential one-day reach of "Sudden Impact," Infinity executive VP of marketing David Goodman said that if the program were focused on, for example, country radio, it would generate 5 million impressions at the company's 24 stations in that format. Participation in all five "Sudden Impact" components at country radio (Infinity's largest format) would have the potential to make 35 million impressions, Goodman said.