Universities Offering Discounted Digital Music

Purdue, Tulane latest schools to get on board.

Purdue University and Tulane University have joined a growing list of schools that provide legal, discounted access to digital music. The deals come by the way of Denver-based Cdigix, which provides downloadable songs through a partnership with MusicNet.

Purdue, in West Lafayette, Ind., and Tulane, in New Orleans, join a list of CDigix partners that also includes Marietta College, Ohio University, the Rochester Institute of Technology, the University of Denver, Wake Forest and Yale University. Cdigix, which focuses exclusively on the college market, also provides broadcast-quality video on demand and educational course materials.

Standard Cdigix prices for students who live on campus are $2.99 per month for music subscriptions or 89 cents for à la carte downloads.

The company says it will announce deals with several additional universities in the coming weeks.

In establishing the agreement, Cdigix and the schools worked closely with the Campus Action Network, an initiative dedicated to facilitating the introduction of legitimate digital music services to the campus environment.