NARM Headed Back To San Diego

2005 confab will not include VSDA.

The NARM Convention will return to the San Diego Marriott on Aug. 10-14, 2005.

The confab will be a stand-alone event, not held in conjunction with the Video Software Dealers Assn. Earlier this year, the two trade groups entered into negotiations to explore a merger or other relationship, such as a joint convention.

NARM chairman Glen Ward emphasizes that the groups have not ruled out the possibility of a joint convention in future years, and that merger talks with the VSDA will continue.

"We polled NARM members, and the overwhelming desire was to return to San Diego as a collocated event with VSDA," explains NARM president Jim Donio. "However, San Diego couldn't accommodate a collocated event, and various other destinations were discounted for lack of availability or necessary facilities, and so the choice for NARM's board became either to return to San Diego as a NARM stand-alone event, or to collocate in Las Vegas with VSDA."

"Both NARM and VSDA's staffs undertook exhaustive analysis of how the proposed location and business and event model could work, but the board determined there were still significant issues in terms of the scheduling, programming, logistics and finances," adds Ward. "While we were encouraged, we determined that in order to fulfill our mission and responsibility to our members, it was more important to ensure a successful event in 2005 and to build on the momentum of 2004's highly rated convention."