Disc Makers Sign On For RepliCheck

Sanyo, JVC, Q-Media, Eva-Tone, Oasis to use anti-piracy service.

Audible Magic, a Los Gatos, Calif.-based anti-piracy technology firm, says it has inked deals with five CD manufacturers for its RepliCheck digital fingerprinting service.

The deals are with Sanyo, JVC, Q-Media, Eva-Tone and Oasis CD.

Audible Magic fingerprints are used by CD replicators to check whether songs they are asked to reproduce are copyrighted. The goal is to curb the mass production of pirated CDs.

Replicators that use RepliCheck will be marketing the offer to labels and independent artists. Oasis CD reports that it has signed up more than 200 indies to make use of RepliCheck thus far.

Content owners can have their works "fingerprinted" with participating replicators for a one-time fee typically ranging from $20-$50 per album. Final price depends on the manufacturer.

RepliCheck identifies the title, artist, releasing label and copyright date of individual songs. Replicators cross-reference the fingerprint information against customers' license documentation.