IDN Picks Up Three

Indie distributor has been active since losing Concord.

New York-based Innovative Distribution Network has this month sealed exclusive U.S. distribution deals with Newhouse Records, PAS Entertainment and Kingston Records.

Newhouse is a San Francisco-based label that specializes in electronic and funk. The label is currently having some success with a compilation entitled "Paris Under A Groove." The set features contributions from St. Germain, Versus and Kia, among others, and IDN GM Lou DeBiase says the album has sold more than 5,000 copies.

PAS Entertainment is a newly formed New York-based dance label. Its first release from techno/pop act 3 Speaker High is expected in early 2005.

Kingston Records is a German-based label that specializes in reggae and funk. IDN will begin distributing the label's roster in the coming weeks.

Earlier this year, IDN suffered a major loss when Concord Records left for a deal with Universal Music Group. Yet the independent distribution arm of Alliance Entertainment Corp. has been active in signing new labels in recent months.

Earlier this year, IDN picked up L.A.-based hip-hop label Smoking Word, Detroit-based urban label Barak Records, Chicago house label Trax Records and Jenkintown, Pa.-based smooth jazz label 215.