Industry Faces Further Litigation, ISP Challenges

Kennedy: IFPI will address interoperability.

Interoperability, litigation and greater support from Internet service providers are critical priorities for the industry in the year ahead, the IFPI's new chairman/CEO John Kennedy said today (Jan. 22) during his MidemNet keynote addresss.

"If 2006 is to be the year that suffering ends, then governments and ISP's must start their work now. Interoperability has to be addressed and we are playing our role in that," Kennedy told delegates in what was his first public speech since succeeding Jay Berman at the trade body in January.

"My predecessor said that the music business had run into the 'Perfect Storm.' Well we may not yet have found a safe haven, and after 26 years in the music business, I know that there will always be new problems around the corner, but I do know what we will make it to the shore and in good shape," he added.

In an essentially upbeat address, Kennedy insisted that the industry must continue to act tough on piracy, in spite of the controversy it stirs. "None of this makes us feel wonderful. We would rather proceedings were not necessary, but we know only too well that the problem will not go away of its own accord," he added.

The IFPI's international litigation campaign against serial uploaders would continue through 2005, he confirmed.