ASCAP Sues Un-Licensed Businesses

Rights body files 24 infringement suits.

ASCAP continued its enforement efforts by filing 24 separate copyright-infringement lawsuits yesterday (Jan. 22) against nightclubs, bars and restaurants in 15 states and the District of Columbia.

The venues performed ASCAP repertoire without receiving permission to do so by obtaining a license, the rights body says in a statement.

"Informing business owners of their obligations under federal copyright law is one of ASCAP's key roles," said Vincent Candilora, senior VP of licensing. "We make every effort to educate business owners concerning their music licensing responsibilities. If our good efforts are ignored, then our only recourse is legal action."

ASCAP says that during 2004, it achieved a 100% success rate with its copyright infringement litigation, with all concluded cases resulting in either a cash settlement or a judgment in favor of ASCAP members.