DMI Inks Distrib, Subpub Deals

Digital label links with Loudeye, W/C.

Digital label Digital Musicworks International has formed a distribution agreement with Loudeye Corp. and a global subpublishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music.

The move will expand the distribution of DMI's licensed content in the United States and 17 other countries. Loudeye additionally will distribute DMI tracks to U.S. wireless operator Cingular Wireless.

Internationally, the agreement includes distribution to more than 75 online music stores, including Virgin Club, BigNoiseMusic and various MTV sites in Europe. Sacramento, Calif.-based DMI has previous deals to distribute its music through Apple's iTunes, Napster, RealNetworks and Microsoft's MSN Music store.

Under the subpublishing deal, Warner/Chappell will represent the global interests of such DMI artists as Bassic, Michael Ware, Diego Massanti, Larisa Bryski and Digitalism.