MPAA Launches More Suits

Group offers software to ID infringing files.

The major motion picture studios and a group of independent film distributors today (Jan. 26) filed a second round of federal lawsuits against unauthorized P2P users in the United States, according to the Motion Picture Assn. of America.

The first round, filed in November, resulted in many defendants seeking to settle the claims rather than litigate, the trade group says.

The MPAA also today (Jan. 26) launched Parent File Scan, software that helps consumers check whether their own computers have P2P software and potentially infringing copies of movies and other copyrighted material on their systems. Consumers can then delete the material without any information about the material being transmitted to the MPAA or any other organization.

"This free and widely available program may be of particular use to parents who may be unaware that their children have been using their computers to illegally download copyrighted material, exposing the family to lawsuits and other negative consequences," says MPAA president/CEO Dan Glickman.