Hewitt To Work With TNA

Concert vet to secure national tours.

Veteran promoter Andrew Hewitt has signed on to work with Clear Channel Entertainment's TNA International division to secure national tours and produce arena shows in Las Vegas.

TNA, headed by president Arthur Fogel, produced CCE's top-grossing tours in 2004, including Madonna, Sting and David Bowie, and is putting on this year's U2 outing.

Hewitt began his career at Avalon Attractions in the early '80s. He then moved to the Nederlander Organization, where he booked amphitheaters and helped start the company's concert division. In 1987, Hewitt joined the Arnold Stiefel Co., where he worked in management while continuing to promote concerts. In 1990, Hewitt partnered with Bill Silva to produce pop and rock shows at the Hollywood Bowl.

Hewitt’s experience includes a 100-year relationship with The Joint at Peter Morton’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. This venue has hosted such major acts as the Rolling Stones, the Who, Billy Joel, Sting, Bowie and Metallica.