Report: Oscar Exposure Worth $7M For Kodak

Front Row analyzes media value.

The broadcast media value of hosting last night's 77th Academy Awards was worth $7 million to Kodak, sponsor of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, according to analysis by naming-rights marketing and sponsorship research firm Front Row Marketing Services.

A division of Philadelphia-based facility management firm Global Comcast, Front Row negotiates naming and title rights deals and conducts analysis of entertainment and sporting events.

"We look at the cost of a 30-second spot during the Academy Awards, and that was $1.6 million," says Front Row VP of marketing Eric Smallwood. "We divide that figure by 30 to get a per-second cost, which was $53,000."

During ABC's Academy Awards broadcast, Kodak received two minutes and eleven seconds of exposure. "We also track exposure on screen, and a verbal mention counts as 10 seconds, based on research that says the average commercial spot mentions the brand three times," Smallwood tells