Canada Closer To Updating Copyright Act

WIPO treaty ratification expected.

The Canadian government is moving forward with plans to introduce legislation to modernize the country's Copyright Act. A bill is expected to be introduced to Parliament this spring.

A statement from Industry Canada and Canadian Heritage, the government departments responsible for copyright policy, says the country will finally implement two World Intellectual Property Organization treaties that deal with copyright protection in the digital age.
The legislation, the Performances and Phonogram Treaty and the Copyright Treaty, were
signed by Canada in 1997 but have yet to be ratified. The statement indicates that the
government will consider ratification after the bill is passed.

"This is terrific news," says Graham Henderson, president of the Canadian Recording Industry Assn. "Canada is one step closer to having a copyright law that will reflect the realities of the digital marketplace and allow the music industry a chance to prosper."

Jodie Ferneyhough, president of the Canadian Music Publishers Assn., adds, "This legislation will be a vital tool in meeting the technological challenges that face our members, and the entire music industry."