Utsick, 3-D Partner For Locobazooka

Hard-rock fest to expand, tour.

Promoter Jack Utsick and Worldwide Entertainment Inc. have entered into a partnership with 3-D Entertainment Inc. to expand the Locobazooka! United We Rock! Music and Arts Festival. Held annually in Fitchburg, Mass., the 14-year-old hard-rock fest will expand to a two-day event this year and will go out as a tour in 2006.

Utsick has formed an entity called Worldwide New England with 3-D principles John Carnegie and Dan Hartwell. The new firm will produce not only Locobazooka but other projects, including one-off concerts and festivals.

This year's Locobazooka is set for Sept. 17-18. Last year, the event drew 20,000 people and grossed about $1 million, organizers say. Fifty-eight bands performed on four stages in one day, including Shinedown, Saliva, Tesla, All That Remains, Clutch, Damageplan, Earshot, Monster Magnet, Shadows Fall and Skindred.

Locobazooka went out as a tour once before, in 2002, with 10 national acts, including Sevendust, Filter, Nonpoint and Mushroomhead. "Last year was an organizational and developmental year, and that's when Jack reached out to us," Carnegie tells Billboard.biz. "It's exciting to put these resources into the festival and a tour."

Adds Hartwell, "This partnership provides a phenomenal foundation for the next stage of Locobazooka's development. This new relationship allows us to help even more newly signed musicians and bands share their music with our audience and enhance their entertainment experience."