BSBB Round 1: Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz, "Talk Dirty" vs. Soko, "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow"
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Talk Dirty

Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz

We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow


KRISTEN YOONSOO KIM: Soko should have been the winner here, considering how much I love hushed, emotional indie folk. But I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I’m choosing “Talk Dirty” instead. It’s just a really funny song.
My Vote: “Talk Dirty”

ERIKA RAMIREZ: I lean towards the emo, and nothing screams emo like the title itself: “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow.”
My Vote: “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow”

JAMIESON COX: I hadn't heard "We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow" before writing this, but I was very pleasantly surprised, albeit a little bit shocked by the chart position it achieved: it's a tender queer love song, subtle and flecked with strings. It's really nice. And yet I would rather spend time with the dumb horns and easy debauchery of "Talk Dirty," because it's mindless fun and impossible to scrub from my head.
My Vote: "Talk Dirty"

NICK WILLIAMS: “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow” is just a heartbreakingly fragile song, and one that has enormous depth. From the tone of her voice to the poignant lyrics, it’s just a really refreshing, unique and thoughtful track. Nothing against “Talk Dirty,” but Derulo isn’t offering anything particularly unique or groundbreaking here.
My Vote: “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow”

JEM ASWAD: It’s nice to see the eminently likable Jason Derulo score a hit, but this insipid song would be flimsy as balsa wood without that incredible sax hook, which is like an exotic “Yakety Sax.” It’s hard to imagine a more bizarre matchup for it than this maudlin Soko soft-core sobfest, which is quite pretty but reminds me of something your friend’s awkward dorm-mate would play ceaselessly while curled up in the corner weeping and smoking cigarettes.
My Vote: “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow”

OVERALL WINNER: “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow”

Best Song Bracket Battle: View the Matchups | Critics and Rules