BSBB Round 1: Becky G, "Shower" vs. Jason Aldean, "Burnin' It Down"
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Becky G

Burnin' It Down

Jason Aldean

CHRIS PAYNE: Jason Aldean has many, many more hits than Becky G, who remains a relative unknown, but “Shower” is just a perfect, undeniable pop hit. It’s got those “Call Me Maybe” vibes — charismatic, youthful and innocent, but never forced, and instantly lovable.
My Vote: "Shower”

MEAGHAN GARVEY: I’ve been rooting for Becky G since her plucky 2013 J. Lo cover, “Becky From The Block,” and “Shower” more than delivers on that promise. The follow-the-bouncing-ball dynamism of her delivery, the pure, relatable depiction of teenage crushdom (maybe the most genuine since “Call Me Maybe”), the perfect balance of cool and cute, and most of all, the addictive way “showahhh” just rolls off your lips. My younger sister and I have screamed this hook from many a rolled-down car window.
My Vote: “Shower”

MYLES TANZER: After hitting big with "Roar," "Wrecking Ball," and "Timber" in 2013, Dr. Luke had a very quiet 2014. His masterpiece for the year was Becky G's "Shower,” and it's a completed circle for Luke. The man who writes the songs that you can't help but sing in the shower wrote a song about that. It helps that Becky G's delivery is exactly what this song needs — an even flow on the verses with the a heavy dose of sweetness on the chorus ,so this song doesn't sound too filthy. Aldean's song is fine, but there's no touching Dr. Luke when he's at his best.
My Vote: “Shower”

ERIN STRECKER: As stated previously, I’m no fan of burly male country stars. Becky G., you win by default!
My Vote: “Shower”

STEVEN J. HOROWITZ: The common ground between Aldean and Becky G is that they both don’t veer too far from their genre’s respective songwriting structures, but where Aldean’s “Burnin’ It Down” felt mechanical, Becky G’s “Shower” was teeming with life. Dr. Luke undoubtedly had one of the most challenging years of his career, and betting on Becky G paid off, producing one hell of a bubblegum anthem where the verses manage to hold up just as strongly next to the unshakeable chorus.
My Vote: "Shower"


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