BSBB Round 1: MAGIC!, "Rude" vs. Maroon 5, "Maps"
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Maroon 5

CHRIS PAYNE: At this point in their career, Maroon 5 sound like they’re just re-writing themselves, so it’s appropriate “Maps” is going up against a new band that’s basically piggybacking off the last four Maroon 5 albums. I wish I could just vote for “This Love” here, but I can’t, so I guess I’ll just go with “Maps.”
My Vote: “Maps”

MEAGHAN GARVEY: Here wages a battle of utmost Caucasity, a clash of the simpering sensi-bros convinced that people actually enjoy it when they bring their acoustic guitars to casual get-togethers. This match-up ultimately boils down to whether you prefer watered-down white bro reggae or watered-down Police licks — or, even easier, whether your like your anthropomorphic headwear in the form of a beanie or a fedora. I’m a beanie girl myself.
My Vote: “Rude”

MYLES TANZER: I hate "Maps" the way most people hate "Rude." It bothers me that Adam Levine never bothers to lift his voice at all, even in the chorus after the decent breakdown. This song is a total throwaway. "Rude,” on the other hand, is great. Yeah, it's fake reggae and the general conceit of the song is absurd and pretty sexist, but at least this song has a pulse. "Rude" has about four million hooks in it and they're not to be denied.
My Vote: “Rude”

ERIN STRECKER: What we have here is two musically ehhh but catchy-as-heck tracks, and when it comes to catchy songs that I’ll publicly deny liking, I’m going with the one delivered by Adam Levine.
My Vote: “Maps”

My Vote: "Maps"


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