BSBB Round 1: Paramore, "Ain't It Fun" vs. Coldplay, "Magic"

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MAURA JOHNSTON: Hayley Williams channeling every pop great before her while also laying a smackdown on those wallowing in Self-Pity Pond? Sorry, Coldplay. (And please, feel free to take a lesson or two from her next time out.)

My Vote: "Ain't It Fun"
WILLIAM GRUGER: I have little to offer in terms of analysis here. I find nothing remarkable about “Magic,” and “Ain’t It Fun” is an amazing track.

My Vote: "Ain’t It Fun"
DENISE WARNER: The world is seriously deprived of rocker chicks, and Hayley Williams does her best. However, “Magic" actually departs from the typical Coldplay sound, while “Ain’t It Fun” sounds like most of Paramore’s catalog.

JOE LYNCH: The sleeper breakthrough track from Paramore's self-titled, "Ain't It Fun" justifiably became the band's highest-charting Billboard Hot 100 hit; more importantly, it's a perfect karaoke jam. Coldplay's "Magic," however, is just more of the same from Chris Martin and company.

My Vote: "Ain't It Fun"
ALEX GALE: “Magic” is a much-needed left turn for Coldplay, with its beautifully ambient instrumentation and emphasis on subtlety instead of the over-the-top bombast that threatened to become a parody of itself. But resisting the twee charms of “Ain’t It Fun” — merry little xylophones, Hayley Williams’ harmonies, jam-bandy bass riffs, gospel choirs — is futile, even for the coldest cynic. It’s like a really good cup of cappuccino with one of those silly hearts in the foam.

My Vote: “Ain't It Fun”

"Ain't It Fun"
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