BSBB Round 1: Rixton, "Me and My Broken Heart" vs. Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX, "Fancy"

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MAURA JOHNSTON: Maroon 5 abandoning their "slight update of Hall & Oates" post resulted in quite a bit of jostling for the position; Rixton, a swinging Scooter Braun-managed outfit, was certainly one of the better contenders, although not as classic as MKTO's "Classic." The Iggy-Charli collaboration that ruled radio this summer didn't necessarily get better with time, but its pairing of the sproinging "Jam On It" bassline and Charli XCX's gloriously bratty chorus still made it one of 2014's most sing-alongable pop offerings.

My Vote: "Fancy"
WILLIAM GRUGER: “Fancy” is an amazing song, and Charli XCX is probably the greatest pop composer of our generation. Rixton loses points purely because the first three times I heard “Me and My Broken Heart” I thought it was whatever new single Maroon 5 had out that I was trying to avoid. This biz only has enough room for one Adam Levine-sounding guy.

My Vote: "Fancy"
DENISE WARNER: Charli XCX’s hook on “Fancy” is really the only memorable thing about the song of the summer. Iggy will have to settle with being the queen of the charts.

My Vote: “Me and My Broken Heart"
JOE LYNCH: Is this showdown a joke? "Fancy," one of the best pop singles in years, beats Rixton's limp reworking of an old Rob Thomas song ("Lonely No More").

My Vote: “Fancy"
ALEX GALE: Battle of the biters! “Me and My Broken Heart” pretty openly interpolates Rob Thomas' 2005 hit "Lonely No More," while “Fancy” goes ratchet-pop and lifts DJ Mustard’s snaps, “hey” chants and simple bass lines. But “Fancy” is the no-brainer here, and not just because its source material is a hundred times better — Charli XCX’s perfectly bratty performance is justifiably star-making.

My Vote: “Fancy”

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