BSBB Round 1: John Legend, "All Of Me" vs. Ed Sheeran, "Sing"
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All Of Me

John Legend


Ed Sheeran

MAURA JOHNSTON: The battle of the stridently solo balladeers comes down to one simple criterion: Which one will last as a first dance song for weddings immemorial?
My Vote: "All Of Me"

WILLIAM GRUGER: “Sing” is a good song, but “Sing” is also just like any other song put through some kind of “Ed Sheeran Machine.” When I hear “All Of Me,” I swell with emotion and visions of looking into the eyes of my significant other while dancing at our wedding as our families look on in approval… and I’m not the typical romantic type of person.
My Vote: "All Of Me"

DENISE WARNER: Sheeran actually appreciates his woman rather than loving her despite all those pesky imperfections. Sorry Legend, this one goes to the Brit.
My Vote: "Sing"

JOE LYNCH: Legend's "All of Me" may not be one of the year's most exciting No. 1 hits, but it's an expertly written pop ballad for adults. Sheeran's Pharrell collaboration "Sing" is just not as good as the similar songs he used to craft for Timberlake.
My Vote: "All Of Me"

ALEX GALE: I’m not old and settled-down enough to pay much attention crooney piano ballads (though “Ordinary People” is a personal classic). But I am old enough to remember the megaton bomb that was “Like I Love You,” when Justin Timberlake blew everyone’s minds by transitioning from least-dorky-guy-in-the-boy-band to ice-cold soul man who collaborates with Pharrell and Pusha T. “Sing” is practically a tribute song to J.T.’s breakthrough solo moment, and not just because of the falsetto runs, acoustic guitar and boom-bap drums. Its impact is comparable to its forebear as well — the moment where a wide-eyed, slightly cheesy pop idol takes a big leap forward to grown-up bad-assery.
My Vote: “Sing”

"All Of Me”

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