Jamie xx Tells Us More About 'In Colour,' Four Tet & Unexpected Guest Features

Some of the tracks on In Colour go back to 2011. How many unfinished songs do you have sitting around?

Lots. My laptop is nearly full. I find it really hard to finish anything; I just enjoy making the first 30 seconds. But eventually it all gets used, if it's good enough.

You grew up listening to Four Tet, and he co-produced ­"Seesaw." What was that like?

He's very honest in a way that is sometimes hard to deal with, but good if you're trying to fix a record. There was some music we made and I was into it, but he said it sounded like trip-hop from the '90s. I made it like that because that's what he used to make, and that was the first music I loved. So it was very hard to hear, but also good.

"I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)" features ­Popcaan and Young Thug. How did that come about?

I asked a lot of people to do something, because I couldn't finish the record. I love Popcaan and Young Thug. They did separate versions, and I spliced them together. There are versions with other people that I'm going to release.