The Billboard Cover Story: The Players of the 2015 Billboard Music Awards -- The Throwback Megan Trainor

With her doo-wop-pop sound, the singer counts Blue Ivy among her fans. But her most impressive feat might be (accidentally) scaring Adam Sandler.

What's the stupidest question you have been asked on the red carpet?

"If you could wear a celebrity's underwear for a day, whose would it be?" That was the grossest. I said, "Brad Pitt," but oh, my God.

Best celebrity encounter at an awards show?

My Beyoncé moment felt like a movie. I was at the Billboard Women in Music [event], and she came up to me and said, "My daughter and I watch your music videos all the time." My life was complete!

Strangest celebrity encounter?

I'm the biggest Adam Sandler fan, and I saw him at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. I went up to him and slapped his shoulder, and said [in a gruff voice], "Wassup, dude. My name is Meghan Trainor, and I'm all about the bass." Adam looked at me like, "What is this crazy person saying to me?" Then it clicked and he was like, to his wife, "Oh! Honey! This is the bass girl!"

Do you get nervous at awards shows?

Always. I get nervous for everything. Ariana Grande told me to get essential oils -- you rub them on your hands and smell them. I just take a lot of deep breaths.

What's your aftershow ritual?

My older brother always finds the afterparties. He makes friends with celebrities, and he's like, "Meghan, I've got the location," and I'm like, "How do you have the place when I don't?" Then we go and get crazy drunk.

Speaking of which, Chrissy Teigen said she wants you to meet her and Ludacris ­backstage for a tequila shot.

Yes! That's my girl! She knows I love tequila. When I perform with [John Legend], she's always there with the best advice: "You look great! Kick butt! Just have fun!" She's the sweetest.