Tidal Drops Out Of Top 750 on Apple's App Store

Tidal Wave
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As of this writing, Tidal, the streaming service launched by Jay Z and other equity-holding artists on March 30, has fallen out of Apple's top 750 apps, after a peak at No. 83 on April 7 (that data according to tracking site App Annie).

Within the music app category, Tidal is currently No. 45, seven spots behind streaming service Rdio.

It's been a tough month for the startup; other artists have criticized, its CEO was fired, its leader has resorted to calling subscribers

Things aren't all bad, however -- there's plenty of room for growth (not just in app ranking). The streaming business in general is booming, with streaming now representing 32 percent of the money being made from digital music worldwide, according to a recent report, with only a fraction of the market fully tapped.

Also notably, Tidal hasn't yet put out the truly compelling artist exclusives we all expect are in the pipline. Rihanna's "American Oxygen" and Beyonce's "Die With You," the service's two highest-profile exclusives that debuted the weekend of April 5, failed to debut on any Billboard chart the week ending April 12. As Jay Z put it to Billboard last month, the exclusives were designed to be "as creative as possible."

But that wasn't the point in the first place; Tidal was designed to, again quoting Jay Z, "strike an honest blow and... make people wake up." It would be hard to argue that the service has failed to generate headlines.