'Mad Men': Diana Ross' 'Love Hangover' Scores New Teaser

Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Kiernan Shipka as Sally Draper, January Jones as Betty Francis, Jessica Pare as Megan Draper and Jon Hamm as Don Draper 

The first teaser for the final string of Mad Men episodes is finally here, and the 30-second clip spells out everything fans can expect from the last installment of the award-winning drama.

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Hahaha, just kidding! There's not even dialogue, just the Diana Ross tune "Love Hangover" playing in the background as new photos of all the main characters flash before our eyes. In the spot, titled "The Party's Over," Megan is channeling Destiny's Child-era Beyonce by wearing a belly chain, Pete somehow looks older and not-at-all wiser, and Roger, of course, still appears sexy and perfect.

Absolutely everything about Mad Men can and should be analyzed to death, but we'll leave it to you all to work out a more literal explanation for why "Love Hangover" was chosen. (Time jump?) For now, just enjoy the pretty clothes. 

Mad Men returns for the back half of the final season on April 5.