Exclusive: Stream Michna's Dreamy New Album 'Thousand Thursday'

Will Calcutt/Courtesy Ghostly International


The New York City producer hasn't released an album since 2008's 'Magic Monday,' but his second LP was worth the wait.

Seven years after his debut album, Magic Monday, was released on Ghostly International, Michna has returned. The New York City producer (real name: Adrian Yin Michna) will release his second full-length, Thousand Thursday, on February 3, but you can stream exclusively here on Billboard this week. 

Of course, Michna was never far from sight despite his seven-year hiatus. He released an EP, Moving Mountains, in 2012, and has been scoring films, producing music for video games, DJ-ing, and indulging his hobby as a painter behind the scenes. In fact, he exhibited his work in two art shows during the making of Thousand Thursday, which served as creative inspiration. 

Stylistically, Thousand Thursday trades some of Magic Monday's chopped-up funk for something dreamier and more full-bodied ("Increasing Ambition," for example, rings of Kavinsky or Lazerhawk). There are flickers of drum and bass influences, such as the breakbeats and horns on "Cherry 2000" and the layers of high-pitched synths on "She Exists in My Mind," which were partially inspired by his childhood growing up in Miami and spending time in West London, where his father is from. Michna told Billboard the album was recorded at the House of Yin, presumably his home studio, which he described as "great for designing custom, hand-crafted sounds."

Geneaology aside, though, he doesn't offer many details about the album's inspirations -- "this record reflects the wide spectrum of electronic music I listen to both at home and in the club," he says -- but that's kind of the point. Thousand Thursday is more a collection of timeless, atmospheric sketches than it is a snapshot of dance music in 2015, and is thus purposefully devoid of cultural and contextural references. The one exception might be the buzzy single "Solid Gold," which features vocals from the Los Angeles electronic outfit MNDR, but even that sounds perfectly plucked from a retro video game. 

A limited run of 500 copies of the album will be released on red vinyl. And to promote the album, Michna will play a few shows in February -- dates below. 

Feb. 7 -- Detroit, MI at TV Lounge
Feb. 19 -- Miami, FL at Badot
Feb. 24 -- Seattle, WA at Lo-Fi Performance Gallery
Feb. 25 -- Los Angeles, CA at Low End Theory
Feb. 28 -- Tacoma, WA at New Frontier