Jarvis Cocker Is Still Alive

Joe Cocker, he of that unforgettable rendition of "With a Little Help From My Friends," died today at the age of 70, reportedly from complications related to lung cancer.

Jarvis Cocker, frontman of britpop legends Pulp, is very much alive (he played Vice's 20th birthday party earlier this month) and well.

Naturally, people on the web are confusing the two, hastily eager as they are to mourn the passing of a legend -- regardless of which legend they're publicly honoring-slash-confusing with someone else.

Désolé, tout le monde.


Some were relieved that Jarvis hadn't died prematurely, relative to the elder Cocker's lifespan:


Some continued to push rumors that are straight-up inaccurate:


Meanwhile this guy saw the impending confusion coming a mile away:


This could all be solved very easily.