'Peter Pan Live!': Here's the Drinking Game!

Nino Munoz/NBC
Allison Williams and Christopher Walken as Peter Pan and Captain Hook in "Peter Pan Live!" 

Drink if you believe in fairies!

The world can be divided into two groups of people: Those that have had tonight's (Dec. 4) production of Peter Pan Live! on NBC marked on their calendars for months, and those that have somehow missed that Christopher Walken will be Captain Hook on their televisions this very evening. For those that are in the first group, welcome.

For those in the second group, just know this is an early Christmas present wrapped in a miracle covered in love from the musical theater gods: Christopher Walken will be tap dancing tonight. See below for a drinking game to enhance your enjoyment of the three-hour festivities (which begin at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC). 

Take One Sip When:

You shamefully think to yourself, "Is it just me, or is that Lost Boy really attractive?" 

- Nana The Dog barks/moves at the wrong time

- Something happens that makes you think, "This is all clearly designed for children. What am I doing?"

- There's an awkwardly placed commercial break 

- Anyone says the Disney version is better

- You think Allison Williams may be too tall to be Peter

- Someone says/sings the words "grow up"

Take Two Sips When:

Anyone is flying 

- You feel compelled to sing 

- Any time you wonder if you should just watch Hook instead

- You "think lovely thoughts"

- Someone you're watching with makes a Marnie/Girls reference

- Someone you're watching with references any of Christopher Walken's roles/lines, save for Hairspray

- There's a costume or set piece mishap

Take Three Sips When:

- Someone is singing and flying at the same time

- A new song makes its debut

- You spy a multi-colored crocodile

- Someone you're watching with references Christopher Walken's singing in Hairspray

You decide, what the hell, you believe in fairies, too

Finish Your Drink When:

- You look up and see Walken dancing. This is why we're here!

Please drink, sing and dance responsibly.  


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