Tourist Asks Jay Z & Beyonce Who They Are

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images
Jay-Z and singer Beyonce are seen watching Steve Aoki's set during day 2 of the Made in America Festival at Los Angeles Grand Park on August 31, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. 

'Who are you?'

Someone is about to feel the full effects of The Beygency.

Jay Z and Beyonce (plus Blue Ivy) were recently taking a private tour of the Louvre in Paris and as they were walking in, a security officer asked the gawking tourists not to take photos of America's other First Family. Naturally, people didn't exactly listen -- but one guy wasn't even sure why people would want to take pics of them in the first place (or so he says).

"Who is he?" a tourist-turned-paparazzo shouted at the least famous member of the Knowles-Carter family, Jay Z.

"Who are you?" Jay responded with a steely gaze. 

Watch the awkward interaction below, and be sure to take note of amateur photographer Bey. So that's where all those photos on are coming from.