Exclusive Video Premiere: Watch Goldroom's 'Till Sunrise,' Directed by 'Glee' Star Dianna Agron

Goldroom, 2014.
Tiger Tiger


The music video, an ode to young love and all-nighters in downtown Los Angeles, stars Agron's little brother, Jason.

Josh Legg, the producer who fronts the electronic outfit Goldroom, has rapidly become one of Los Angeles' dance music tastemakers. The 30-year-old makes tropical-leaning deep house, disco and electro-pop, and is keen on finding inventive ways to release and promote it to fans.

In August, he uploaded the vocal stems of his dreamy ballad "Till Sunrise" to Soundcloud before its release to see how fans might pre-mix a song they hadn’t yet heard. He received more than 100 submissions. Now he’s tapped Glee star Dianna Agron to direct the music video. It isn't officially out until next week, but you can watch it on Billboard below: 

The video follows a young couple in love as they spend the night wandering around downtown L.A. in low-top sneakers, flirting and eating french fries and chasing each other around pavement lots -- 'till sunrise. For Legg, it's a fitting setting. He's lived in the downtown arts district for seven years, and his DJ sets, which often sell out, are some of the city’s biggest dance parties.

"When Dianna told me her vision of romantic innocence set to the backdrop of downtown, I was hooked," Legg tells Billboard. "‘Till Sunrise' is all about fantasy and what-ifs, and for me this video captures that dream perfectly.” 

Agron also has an inner-romance with the neighborhood, which she says was long "under-appreciated" but has recently seen a hip revitalization. When it came time to cast the lovers, she chose up-and-coming actress Gabby Haugh, who plays her younger sister in Mark Polish’s Headlock, due out next year, and her little brother Jason, who happened to be in town for his birthday. 

"I'm lucky he loves me and was game," Agron told Billboard via email. "Although, he did get to kiss beautiful Gabby in the end, so I guess it wasn't the worst day ever. I mean, come on." 

The song, released on Aug. 10 via Legg's Binary Entertainment, features Australian vocalist Mammals (real name: Guy Brown) and has been streamed more than 1 million times online. Prior to founding Goldroom, Legg fronted the synth-pop band NightWaves, but shifted focus when his remixes began to drum up buzz online (one remix, for Niki & the Dove, has been played more than 23 million times on YouTube and Soundcloud). In 2011, he released a self-produced EP under the Goldroom alias titled Angeles, and later produced songs featuring vocalist Chela, drummer Nick Sandler and keyboardist-vocalist Mereki Beach, but the vision is still all Legg.

"I don't feel like I've had a viral hit, I didn't set out to craft a Goldroom brand, it's just about me," he told Billboard during the HARD Summer music festival. "I had been in bands before when the group dynamic would derail things here and there, so I purposefully wanted to try something that was just me, experimenting with exactly the sounds I wanted." 

Because his sound straddles chilled-out deep house, pop and disco, Legg is one of the few electronic producers to hit festivals on all ends of the sonic spectrum, from SXSW and Firefly to serious EDM gatherings like Ultra Music Festival in Miami. His catchiest songs have a hint of tropical house, the buzzy subgenre many predict will take over dance music next year. Legg is unsigned and unpublished, but has an album prepared for release next year. "Till Sunrise" is representative of the sound he's trying to accomplish with the full-length album, he said.

"Obviously I'm an electronic artist, but I feel like I should be able to go on stage with instruments and singers and play the same songs, and they should sound just as good as they would if I was spinning them," he said. "That's what I'm going for."