Watch Kristen Wiig and Ellen DeGeneres Sing Worst 'Let It Go' Cover Ever

 Michael Rozman/Warner Bros
Kristen Wiig makes her first appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, September 15, 2014.

The words never bothered them anyway.

Did you think we as a culture were past the moment where everyone -- and we do mean everyone -- had performed a "Let It Go" cover from Frozen

Think again. Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' show Monday, and confessed that she'd never actually heard the full version of the infectious tune. (Pause for a moment and ponder how that can possibly be true in 2014.) DeGeneres added that for her part, her niece sung it for her, but she didn't actually remember any of the tune. ELLEN YOU HOSTED THE OSCARS when Adele Nazeem Idina Menzel performed the track; you both are lying right now. 

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Regardless, the two women decided to give us the worst (read: best) cover of "Let It Go" that they could. The lyrics were on a prompter, but the tune was up to their mutual discretion. Come for the sheer joy of hearing anyone belt "Let it gooooooo"; stay for Wiig's over-the-top facial expressions throughout (and her commentary that kids don't know what the heck fractals are).