16. Scotty McCreery : 21 Under 21 (2014)

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Birthdate: Oct. 9, 1993 (Age: 20)

Last Year's Rank: 8

Why He's Hot: Scotty McCreery has come a long way since winning season 10 of American Idol. The past year has seen the North Carolina native continue to grow his career. "See You Tonight" became his first top 10 hit on the Billboard charts, and became his third gold single. His sophomore album of the same name topped the Country Albums chart upon its release in October 2013, and also became his third straight song to hit the top 10 on the Billboard 200. McCreery is also proving himself as a live commodity -- his See You Tonight tour put him in front of thousands of fans each night, and continues to roll across the country through December. As he approaches 21 in just a few weeks, this will be Scotty’s last appearance on our 21 Under 21. But no worries for the baritone country boy; his future looks bright as ever.

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