Must-Hear Music Podcast: New Songs From Kendrick, Jessie Ware, TV on the Radio & More

Must Hear Music Podcast featuring Kendrick Lamar, Karen O., Jessie Ware and TV on the Radio, 2014.

Must Hear Music Podcast featuring Kendrick Lamar, Karen O., Jessie Ware and TV on the Radio.

Maybe it's because the summer is coming to a close, but this week's Must-Hear Music Podcast happens to spotlight a few melancholy gems courtesy of Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O, startling newcomer Nick Hakim and others.

But it's not all weepy bedroom balladry -- the Billboard staff also discusses the mind-blowing Flying Lotus/Kendrick Lamar crossover and Jessie Ware's disco-tinged track with Blood Orange.

We also chat about the return of TV on the Radio, the Vines' comeback record and newcomer Kindness.

Erika: We're all waiting for a new Kendrick Lamar album, and his rapid verses here show why. Flying Lotus matches the rappers he chooses very well with his production.

Joe: We're hearing Kendrick rap over sounds we've never heard him paired with before -- I could listen to an entire album like this. I love that A Tribe Called Quest vibe.

Jason: I'd love to see Flying Lotus go the Madlib route and just make an album with one performer.

Erika: I feel like I've heard this Jessie Ware before, but it's a step up from her past work along these lines. And I still love her voice. 

Jason: TV on the Radio are one of my favorite bands, but I was disappointed by their last album. But I love when TV on the Radio embrace big choruses and sticky melodies -- and they do that here.

Jason: This is not the direction I want to see solo Karen O going. I would love to see a Karen O solo album that's weird electro-pop.

Joe: I like this a lot, but I agree that this is a safe route for her -- you get the sense that she can knock out these quiet, weepy bedroom pop songs in a second.

Joe: It sounds like a lost '70s outtake from some forgotten soul genius. Thank you for turning me on to this.

Erika: I do love the sad white boy music.

Jason: I feel like the Vines were the 98 Degrees of the whole garage rock movement.

Joe: They're not gonna reclaim their former glory, but this is a solid grunge nostalgia listen. If you were interested in the Vines when they debuted, you'd do well to check this out.