Weird Merch: Devo's Booji Boy Mask

Devo's Booji Boy

Devo's Booji Boy, in mask form.

Devo have added an item to their merchandise that my not be as controversial as their Energy Dome hats, but is certainly more creepy: a Booji Boy mask (pronounced "boogie") that originally appeared in the New Wave pioneer's first video, 1976's "The Truth About De-Evolution," a combination of their videos for "Secret Agent Man" and "Jocko Homo," which you can watch after reading the band's official statement about the mask below: 

Official Booji Boy mask! Now you can assume the role of the infantile spirit of Devo as you spread the truth about Devolution. This high-quality latex mask was lovingly crafted by SikRik Masks in Akron, Ohio under the supervision of Devo, Inc. and Booji Boy. This is the 2nd Version Sculpt Circa 2014. First Version was in a limited edition of 100 and sold out in 2012. Each original mask design is hand sculpted, hand molded, hand poured, hand trimmed and hand painted by SikRik Studios using only the finest materials to deliver the finest independent mask available.

What they didn't include is that it pairs well with a nice pinot noir.